20 Aug

Your experts in colour

How many colours do you see? One person’s teal is another person’s aqua, or to some, just green, or blue!

As interior designers, we see more colours than most, and when it comes to coordinating pieces in your home, variation in colour is very important. Everything from whether you want a grey, yellow or blue-based white on your walls to how you mix and match tones within a colour palette comes into play.

Even for the experts, colour is very difficult to hold in your mind. If you have a furniture piece, wall colour or a fabric you’re looking to match something to, it’s best to take a sample shopping with you. At worst, a photo on your phone, but even then the colour can be quite distorted.

We check the tones of fabrics, paints and finishes at least 4 times in varying aspects of natural light around our showroom. It’s a tedious, but you would be surprised at how different finishes can look in varying amounts of natural light. And this ensures we get it right for our clients.

Colour blindness affects a great percentage of the population and is not just caused by an inherited faulty gene. Varying degrees of colour blindness can be caused by chronic illnesses, accidents, medications, environmental and industrial chemical exposure and age. So even people who don’t identify as being colour blind can see colours vastly different to others. That means for many of us, the decisions we make when we decorate may be significantly skewed.

We found this fun and simple colour variation test online (which isn’t a perfect test due to the variation in computer monitors etc). However, it was very interesting. To test your colour knowledge, follow the link: http://www.xrite.com/online-color-test-challenge

For assistance with coordinating colour at home or your workplace (internal or external), contact the experienced team at Beadles today.