14 Oct

It’s Not Always Black and White

When it comes to picking a colour scheme for your home the options are endless. However, one theme that never seems to go out of fashion is classic black and white.

The combination is popular for good reason: it’s a timeless option that can be bold and dramatic and provides a base for the introduction of a contrast colour.

Red is a common choice when pairing with black and white, however there are a lot of ways to mix colour into this monochromatic palette.

Black and white with a splash of yellow can look fabulous, as can a hint of turquoise, bottle green, or even purple. We advise against pastels, as they don’t tend to work well against the harshness of black and white.

When working with an accent colour, blue for example, you can incorporate multiple shades of colour, but try to keep the tone similar so it doesn’t look too much of a mish-mash. Opt for clear blues or pale blues for example, rather than a combination of both.

A great way to introduce additional colour without the full commitment required for paint and wallpaper is with accessories such as cushions, ornaments, vases, plants and flowers.

It’s important to note that not every piece in your space needs to conform to the same colour combination. There’s no need to have every table, chair and cushion in both black and white. Try using solid black chairs and a solid white table, or touches of metallic or timber to break up the colour.

As always, our expert team are happy and available to give you advice on everything colour and design related. Visit the Beadles showroom to discover how best to employ classic black and white.