9 Nov

Creating the perfect kids’ room

With the myriad choices in children’s room décor available, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating an outstanding room.

Whether they’re young or older, a kid’s room is their haven; not only a place to rest but to create, play and develop their own personality and preferences.

Beadles can source an incredible range of wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings for your perfect room. Because we stock many ranges exclusively in Toowoomba, you have access to the largest selection of fabrics and wallpapers as well as expert designer advice on hand to offer insight and inspiration. We can also assist with custom furniture enquiries and anything else design-related.

Take your inspiration and make it a reality with these top tips for children’s room design.

Select a theme

A cohesive theme is as important in a kid’s room as any other room in the house. Whether you stay with a consistent colour or create an overall theme, this will help guide you in purchases and can mirror the personality and preferences of your child in wonderful ways.

For a sophisticated and more timeless take, steer clear of commercialized licensed products like Disney as themes and opt instead for a theme of travel, animals, aviation, butterflies or spots and stripes.

When selecting colours, avoid anything that can create anxiety such as bright red.

Include storage that can be closed or hidden

Kids love to see their things on display, but some things are neater packed away. Shelves and nooks for their favorite things are fantastic for frequently used items and favourites but for a lot of toys, blocks etc, you’ll want to pack them away so solutions such as storage ottomans and toy boxes can be a great addition.

Give them input

We’re sure it’s no surprise for parents to hear that kids develop their own likes and dislikes very young. If you find your child wanting to select what they wear each day, chances are they’ll voice their preferences for room colour and pieces when asked as well.

Wall art such as removable wallpaper or decals are a non-permanent fix if you’re looking to dip your toes into a trend or theme without the long-term commitment.

Of course, the final decision rests with you – remember any larger purposes need to last years so only you can be the judge as to whether your child will grow out of a preference for jungle animals or trains, but working with their ideas will help make the room a happier haven.



Image: hgtv.com via Pinterest