Our skilled and experienced Beadles design team includes two generations of people who are passionate about interior design.

We take pride in the richness of ideas, innovation and design savvy that our team brings to every project and our long tradition of design quality.

Cliff Beadle Managing Director

Managing Director My thirty-five years in interior design have given me a rich, varied and wide-ranging experience to offer clients. My love of colour, texture and form has always inspired me.

I completed formal interior design training while working with the well-known Brisbane interior design firm, James Penny, and have built on this with industry seminars and presentations, as design styles and trends are always changing. Each day I learn more about an industry and profession that I love to be part of. However, my great passion in interior design is fabric. It’s the basis of how we ‘feel’ our homes and there are so many beautiful fabrics available.

The highlight of working in interior design is the people I’ve met who make the whole experience worthwhile…and, of course, the day that David and Sarah, the next generation of Beadles, joined the family business.

Gwen Beadle Director

Interior design has been part of my family’s history. My father was a master painter and decorator and his love of his craft passed on to me.

I began with training in colour and design with TAFE and have learnt more over the years about how to use them to create beautiful and functional spaces. I’ve also drawn on my years working overseas in various countries, which gave me an important awareness of other cultures and styles early in my career.

Like Cliff, I also love fabrics. They are a joy to work with and add so much to the style and comfort of our lives.

I focus on researching products, which are always changing and evolving, so that we can offer our clients the latest and best in design, furnishings and decorative pieces.

I continue to appreciate the many people we meet as interior designers and the satisfaction of knowing that we have created something of beauty for our clients.

David Beadle Window Coverings Specialist

Through my family, I have been involved with interior design for many years and it’s very rewarding to be building a design tradition over two generations.

My strong design sense was further developed in the magical world of theatre, where set design and construction were my focus. After a Bachelor in Theatre Art, I worked for a range of venues and companies within the industry. I then focused for a number of years on my own business in window coverings, before bringing my skills in construction and finishing into Beadles.

I now specialise in advising on options for window coverings and installing shutters, blinds and curtaining for clients across south-east Queensland.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to providing clients with advice and installing their window furnishings. For me, near enough is definitely not good enough.

Being part of Beadles means that every day is different. I look forward to our regular visits to trade fairs in search of new and exciting products and ideas. And my inspiration is continually renewed through seeing the difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ and the pleasure this brings our clients.

Sarah Beadle Showroom Manager

I began my career in interior design studying a Bachelor in Industrial Design but soon switched to my preferred interest, furniture design, which connects strongly with my passion for making things. Whether I’m working with timber, fabric or food, I love the challenge of making form satisfy function.

As a young working mother, I appreciate the trials of renovating from personal experience and know what our clients are facing when they make the decision to change how their homes look and work. Although renovating can sometimes be testing, it’s a wonderful feeling to look at the results and know that your hard work made it happen.

My focus is on product research for our showroom and clients, as well as coordinating our many projects from quotation to completion. I have a keen eye for emerging furniture designs and a particular interest in the functionality of pieces, as well as their beauty. I also enjoy ensuring that we provide excellent customer service.

Being involved in something so personal to people – the interiors of their homes – is very special and I feel honoured to be part of this process. Clients’ appreciation for our work when the project is completed and their living space is transformed into more than they could imagine is a great joy.


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