2 Jan

Working with your project

At Beadles, we undertake several major projects each year where we required to work in conjunction with tradespeople in our clients’ homes.

This can be a daunting scenario for anyone who hasn’t done it before, as it’s crucial to time all the elements of your project to ensure it runs smoothly. We are happy to help manage your project and have done so successfully for many clients with great results.

A lot of times our clients find it very useful to have a second opinion and someone to advise on the little details of both aesthetics and practicality. Even before you begin your project, you may like to call us in to run through some ideas to help you get some direction. We’re also very good at helping you translate something you’ve seen done in a home magazine to what will work for you in your space.

We can also spend time with you at the cabinetmakers’ or in your home and can advise on colours, finishes, everything down to door handles and components of the joinery as well as layout and design concepts. This way you are able to achieve something uniquely suited to your home that can then be achieved by the tradespeople you have in place.

Kitchens are a key area where small details can make a big difference, be it the orientation of handles or position of cabinets and fittings. A lot of builders have always done things a certain way and don’t go outside the norm unless requested to, but if you do adjust a few key details it can vastly improve look and functionality the room.

Call us any time to discuss your project needs; we’re always happy to offer our advice.