21 Nov

Working with windows

Window coverings are a big part of our business at Beadles. They’re something we’re very passionate about as they normally make a substantial impact on a room. They can be the main feature in the room, for example some dramatic curtains, or blend into the background to allow other pieces to shine.

Conventional thought seems to be not to mix window coverings within a single room, but the most important thing to consider is what window covering will work best for your windows or doors and how you use them. We recently completed a room with shutters on the western wall, which controlled light and heat as well as creating privacy, then a translucent roman blind over doors that led out off to a decked pool area. Bedrooms with small windows either side of the bed can look great with shutters or patterned roman blinds.

A golden rule with window coverings is to not have blinds down when windows are open, as they flap and knock with the breeze, which not only can possibly damage the paint on your architraves, but it also stretches the blinds and can damage the base rail.  If you want to leave doors and windows open for fresh air, but still have privacy we recommend curtains, as they move with the breeze.

Curtaining is also one of the best insulators in that it will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural insulation and air flow is much better for your health than running air conditioning, so it might be worth considering curtains as a health friendly option.

Visit us in the Beadles showroom to find out how your interiors can sing with the right use of beautiful window coverings.