7 Feb

What we can learn from The Block

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Image: Channel 9’s The Block: Fans vs Faves, 2014

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time watching reality home makeover series The Block will be well aware of one important catch phrase – ‘wow factor’. The judges want it, sitting at home the audience wants it; we all want to see that special something that sets apart the rooms made over at the moment of their big reveal.

At home, we want wow factor in our lives as well, and so you should – your home should be somewhere you love to spend your time, and whatever it is that makes you say wow, you should work to achieve it.

The Block has been a great inspiration for home owners since first airing in 2003 and, although we may not agree with every decision the renovators make, it’s proved another source of inspiration, as are the magazines, journals, and websites we explore. It’s a great demonstration of how living spaces can be transformed, and how things can come together to add more value to your home.

Another important lesson The Block teaches us is the value of the little details. The judges always look at things quite closely and what sets apart a good renovation from a bad one really is the attention to detail. Has it been painted properly? Are the finishes well done and is the workmanship of a high standard?

That’s not to say you have to have a lot of detail in every space, but how it’s painted and how the tiles are put down can really speak volumes about the overall quality throughout the home. The Block has sometimes showed us how things can be taken too far, and an over-styled room is just as much of a turnoff.

At Beadles we spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the details. Even where your curtains start and finish in relation to the wall can be a decision that can impact on the overall look of a room.

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