11 Nov

What to do with those boring pockets of the home

Image: Houzz.com.au

We all have them – those awkward spaces around the home that need a little something, but what that something is often isn’t clear.

It could be a corner of the bedroom, a nook that doesn’t seem to serve any sort of purpose, or create any interest at all.

Rather than let these spaces go to waste, make them work for you and create a feature of them – you might be surprised at what you can achieve.

Houzz.com recently featured their own tips on ways to bring boring pockets of your home to life, a few of which we’ll share:

  • Create a mini-zone (above)

If the space allows it, give it a purpose. An arm chair, lamp and footstool are a great start to creating a useable space from nothing.

  • Maximise the space

A cosy nook is the perfect space for a study area. Build in a desk and some overhead shelving which will also provide some added storage potential.

  • Add some life

Plantlife livens up any room of the house, so if you have a sad corner that needs a lift, add a great indoor plant, on a bright stand if that suits your style. A bar stool, side table or even a wine crate make for great plant stands.

  • Make your white wall work

A large wall space can be off-putting. Try building in shelves or even adding freestanding shelving and creating your own library – it will add drama and give the space a function.

If you’re unsure where to start, contact Beadles for an in-home design consultation and have all your questions answered.