20 Sep

We all live in a Yellow Submarine!!!!

No, we haven’t gone crazy, or dedicated this blog to the Beatles, we are celebrating our vibrant and fresh showroom wall, which is painted in a Resene colour called “Yellow Submarine”!

It’s such an amazing burst of colour and just adds another element to our showroom.  And maybe just maybe, slows down the passing traffic at night…

We have teamed this wall with rich exotic timbers and textures, to really make them stand out against the bold background. The same furniture against a pale background would look quite heavy, but here it’s definitive.

Resene, a NZ Paint company have some great colour options, and our painter was very surprised at the low odour from this paint compared to the finish result. It seems they have paint for just about everything. Check out their website www.resene.co.nz.

And if you are thinking of going bold, but aren’t 100% sure, give us a call and we can arrange an in home colour consultation. Maybe your colour is called “Lochness” or “Mexican Wave”!!!

Till next week