4 Sep

The wallpaper revival

Image: Acclaimed interior designer Celerie Kemble introduces a new twist on the classics as she brings a fresh perspective to timeless motifs in her debut wall covering collection exclusively for Schumacher.

Wallpaper first developed in the 18th Century, was a mainstay of the 1950s and 60’s home, fell out of favour for some time but has returned with a vengeance.

These days, there are countless styles and patterns available – you can choose between prints and textures, some our favourites are glass beading and woven grass.

Options for customisation are also increasing – there are specialised wallpaper designs that can scale to your wall, so rather than have a set repeat, you have five or six custom panels to create a complete scene. Wallpapers can even be digitally printed with your design or pictures.

As with any wall treatment, some choose to apply wallpaper throughout the entire room while other situations lend themselves to just one feature wall, particularly in smaller rooms where too much pattern on the walls can make it feel closed in.

The great thing about modern wallpapers is they’re a lot easier to apply, and remove (we promise) than the wallpapers of the 1960s. It is worthwhile having a professional hang your wallpaper though, especially if the background colour is darker or the pattern is quite detailed.

The preparation of the wall is very important for the paper to adhere properly – you can’t just glue the paper to the surface without preparation as it may not stick, could bubble, may show colour through the paper and be very hard to remove, so be careful!

At the Beadles showroom we have two feature walls of wallpaper we update about every 12 months and an endless supply of wallpapers available. Pop in some time and find your inspiration.