23 Jan

The value of a professional interior design consultation

Image: Courtesy of Linwood

Interior design consultations are becoming an increasingly popular part of the Beadles business. What this involves is an average two-hour visit to the client’s home and either a complete assessment of ideas on structural, decorative or functional improvements, or an in-depth discussion around a planned project.

With an interior design consultation, our clients are able to ascertain their direction, and put in place some valuable pre-planning to ensure their project stays on track and on budget.

We’re great advocates for options, but with a wealth of inspiration sometimes comes an overwhelming amount of ideas, so talking through these with our expert team can really help in narrowing down the options and deciding what will work best for you.

You can have a consultation for furniture placement – this alone can make a vast difference to the appearance and function of a room and is something we do a lot for clients. Even though you know your home better than anyone, we can give you a whole new perspective and offer ideas based on decades of experience.

One of the things we notice quite often is people feel obliged to use rooms in the home as they were initially used or intended, but there is often scope to do something completely different. For example the media room can be used as a child’s play room, the formal lounge can be adapted to a casual dining area – whatever best suits your lifestyle.

With a two hour consultation a lot can be achieved, with our independent eye and a wealth of new ideas. Invite us over to see how we can help create a new environment in your home.