12 Oct

The cost per wear concept – what value do you place on your key pieces

Image: Furniture Inspirations’ Lilo chairs

We’re really noticing lately our clients are making a shift back to well-made furniture pieces and wanting quality back in their homes. That isn’t to say the desire hasn’t always been there, but with so much on offer in the mass furniture market it can be overwhelming, but leave you wanting for individuality and longevity from your pieces.

At Beadles we like to relate investing in furniture to investing in your wardrobe. Most people spend proportionately far more on their clothes than their homes, but when you consider the hours every day you might spend on your sofa, over the many years that sofa will be in your home, think how little each moment of comfort costs you, not to mention the possible benefits of investing in a piece that will be in your family for generations, a stylish addition for every day.

The older generations tended to look after things rather than replace them – the feedback at our recent Beadles 35th birthday party was that our clients were commenting they still loved the curtains we installed for them 20 years ago, or the chair we reupholstered to make it look brand new. We’re finding the younger generations are turning more to this mind set however, choosing longevity over disposable items.

If you’re considering where to put your money into your interiors, a couch and chairs is a great start as it’s the basis of your room. If you want the furniture to last forever you need to have a hardwood frame. You can even sometimes still find great quality pieces at places like Saint Vincent de Paul and other charity shops which with some new padding and upholstery, can last another lifetime.

Bed heads are also a great investment piece, as are window coverings and a good quality dining table and chairs.

If you’re looking at paying a high price for something, always consider the quality and think about how long it’s likely to be in your home.