5 Oct

Sun Damage

With summer eagerly approaching, we find it vital to remind you all about the importance of sun care for not only your skin and eyes, but also for your furniture. The Sun in the southern hemisphere is very damaging, and this also applies to your furniture, rugs, curtains, carpet and even your hardwood floors.

With today’s architectural trends of large windows allowing an abundance of natural light into your interiors, it is more important than ever to make sure your décor is protected. And unfortunately, nothing protects better than blocking out the sun. Even using sheer or translucent blinds or curtains will help cut the UV that is so damaging in our climate.

This is why, as an interior designer with a retail showroom we break rule number one of retail selling. Though shalt never block visual appeal of window displays. Yes, that’s right, we will often and on a daily basis pull the blinds down on our showroom windows, to protect fabrics, furniture, and artwork.

Please don’t ever see this as being closed. We care for our product, we care for the product we sell to you, and we care for how you look after and ultimately maximise the enjoyment you receive from our products. Please keep this in mind during these beautiful long spring and summer days.

Till next week