27 Mar

Playing with pendant lighting

Image: Hermon & Hermon

Pendant lighting has grown in popularity to the point where its application is across the board.

Just about every dining setting you’ll see in a magazine has a pendant light above it and they’re a lot more of an interesting look than the standard ceiling fan with a light in living and bedrooms.

Pendant lights are not only an interesting design feature but they are practical too, in terms of being space-savers. Smaller bedside tables don’t lend themselves to much more than a book and a vase, so a pendant light above that setting is a more practical choice.

There is a resurgence of pendant lighting in entries also. They can set the tone for the rest of the home with one striking statement and are often a more effective choice than wall lighting in creating an evenly-lit space. If you invest in a statement chandelier or modern light fitting in the entry, this can create a dramatic focal point.

Contemporary retro pendants are a strong trend. Consider the placement here as proportions are important. The right size for the space should make the room look larger and better, not over crowded or as though the size of the light is insufficient for the scale of the room.

Chandeliers are still very popular and investing in one is a timeless choice. We even see them used in bathrooms, which can create a real look of luxury.

If you’re considering updating your lighting, visit the Beadles showroom and explore the options.