7 May

Planning your kitchen – our top tips

Do you value form or function most strongly in your kitchen? It’s an important balance to strike between what looks aesthetically beautiful and what will work well for you and your family.

When planning kitchen design for our clients, we take into consideration a number of important factors. Small details such as bin placement, the overhang of your breakfast bar, even which side the fridge will open on, can add up either to a thing of beauty or a frustrating space.

Breakfast bar overhang

Whether you use your breakfast bar solely for its intended morning meal, for the kids to sit up at for their homework while you cook dinner, or for our friends to stand and chat over some afternoon drinks, it’s normally a place where function is very important. The most stylish of bar stools won’t take away from the fact there’s not enough room to move if you can’t comfortably slide them right under the bar and out of the way.

Dishwasher and sink placement

Dishwasher to sink position is a major area we see things either being done very well, or very badly in interior design planning. The dishwasher should always be within arm’s reach of the sink to avoid drips across the floor. This also helps with plumbing connections in the same area.

Bin location

What seems like a minor detail can be a major consideration for a busy family. Popular spots such as under the sink may not be practical if you have a small kitchen that doesn’t function well with several people in it – you won’t want people having to duck past you simply to put something in the bin. Within an island bench or close to the entrance of the kitchen is usually the most convenient.


Arguably the most important room in the house to have adequate lighting is in the kitchen. Not only is it important for safe food preparation, but the kitchen is where you need light at the earliest and latest hours of the day.

Consider a variety of lighting from pendant lights over your island bench or prep area, dimmers on lighting over the dining area and downlights to provide enough light through the rest of the room. Innovations in lighting such as LED strip lights are well suited to the kitchen also.


Finally, think cleverly about space. Even if you think you have a small room to work with, there are a lot of things that can be done to maximise your storage, your workable space, and the overall functionality of your kitchen – along with its beauty! That’s where an interior designer comes in.

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