10 Apr

Options for custom made

Custom made pieces give the option of having a finished product that will fit in with either your home or work decor perfectly. Everything is designed to suit each individual situation.

When advising our clients on custom pieces, we consider the scale of the room and know what will fit and work in each space. Depth of seating is one important consideration many people forget, particularly when ordering a lounge. Length is the most commonly considered factor, but depth is vital for workability in the room so the space functions properly and doesn’t feel crowded. However both factors should always to be taken into account. Our suggestion is to do a scale drawing of the area and of the pieces you wish to use in the room. If you can’t manage a scale drawing the other method we advise is to make up patterns of the exact size of the furniture by using newspaper, brown paper or like.

We also don’t like to use the same fabrics repeatedly. Some companies replicate a look on a regular basis, but we endeavor to use different upholstery and curtaining fabric for each client. There’s so much choice available that we aim to promote individuality as the key to our schemes.

The options and application for custom made pieces are endless. Any item can be custom made: chairs, sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, rugs, window furnishings, lamp shades and lamp bases. Even art work can be commissioned if you wish. Chat to Beadles about how to make your home a true reflection of you.