18 Aug

New colours for spring

With a change of season it’s always nice to look at updating your interiors a little bit, especially coming from winter into spring as we’re looking for something lighter and brighter in the home.

Colour forecasters at Pantone have predicted a beautiful array of lively and tropical hues for spring 2013, from the nautical blues through to vibrant lemon and orange, shades of emerald and jade greens and a couple of accent colours of red and violet. The only thing missing for an Australian home is classic white, which is very striking particularly when combined with the above colours like lemon zest and tender shoots, that vibrant chartreuse.

Subtle changes in home accessories like cushions, throws and even lamp shades can give your interiors a fresh look at relatively low cost. Be driven by your personality and what appeals to you. I can tell you where 95 per cent of the decorative items in my home came from and when I fell in love with them, who bought something for me and what that special occasion was. Some items may not be to everyone’s taste, but it shows we are individual and we should be proud of that, rather than attempting to create a home that looks as thought it’s straight out of a Freedom catalogue.

If you are looking for some new ideas, here are some trends to try:

Pattern on Pattern

The clashing prints and patterns trend has been big for some time and is set to continue. How many patterns you can mix depends on the common thread that unites them. Monochromatic black and white works very well in stripes, checks, florals, paisley or whatever you like as it’s the colour tones that pull it together to look cohesive.

Whether it be colour, theme or style, something should remain consistent throughout the patterns.


Stripes are also a big trend, whether it’s a bold stripe, something with variable widths and colours, or a simple two-tone. Stripes tend to be an easy element to incorporate into any scheme and are a great way to dip your toes into the realm of patterns.

The antiqued look is still a popular one, with brass and bronze ahead of silver. Metallics can be a great accent to a colourful room and really change the feel of a space.


Not a trend as such, upholstering good quality furniture has come back into vogue as people appreciate the value of quality craftsmanship again. A good hard wood frame is worth its weight in gold and with some new fabric and a revamp of the padding, your tired old furniture can be the good-as-new feature piece you love, with an individual touch and a nice story to boot.

Another advantage of upholstery is that it is environmentally friendly as you are recycling and reusing. And that’s always a good thing.

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