6 Aug

It’s a family thing…..

Cliff Beadle is the driving force behind Beadles Interior Design House and this year Beadles celebrates 35 years in business. During this time, Cliff and his wife Gwen have seen trends come and go but one thing that has remained pivotal to their business is family. They were delighted when their son David and daughter Sarah joined the team in 2008 and the business has only grown from strength to strength as a result. Cliff kindly answered a few questions to share some insight into life as an Interior Designer and his answer to a harmonious working environment with family!

Why did you become an Interior Designer?

I always thought it would be the ideal medium to express my creativity.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Creating aesthetic spaces for people to live in and enjoy. The most enjoyable aspect is certainly the people we meet. We have developed a special relationship with so many of our clients.

When did you open Beadles and has it always been in the Bridge Street location?

I completed my formal design training with well-known interior design firm James Penny so our first step was to open a James Penny Interiors franchise in Duggan St in 1977. We dropped the franchise in 1987 and became Cliff Beadle Design Interiors/Lady Beadles. After the purchase of our current location at 120 Bridge St, we dropped off Lady Beadles and developed Cliff Beadle Design Interiors. The name was changed to Beadles in 2008 when David and Sarah joined the operation. Beadles was so named to encompass the inclusiveness of the family.

What brought you to Toowoomba?

Being a country boy I wanted to have a mix of country and city clients.

How have you seen Interior Design change during your career so far?

Media has made the public more aware of interior design, but the innate desire to have an enjoyable living environment has always been people’s aim.

Any favourite projects spring to mind?

With the numerous projects I’ve been involved with it’s too difficult to choose!

Tell me about working with family!

We have an amazing working relationship. We find it’s important to give each other space at times and support when needed. Lastly, we always maintain a sense of humour.

Did you always hope that Sarah and David would one day join you and Gwen at Beadles?

It had certainly been in the back of our minds for quite some time. However, we felt that it was important for David and Sarah to hone their skills away from the family environment and then bring back different experiences and skills to the family business.

Cliff, Gwen, David and Sarah always welcome visitors and you can meet the Beadles team in their beautiful showroom from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm and Saturdays by appointment.