13 May

How to give your home the feeling of a luxury hotel

Image: Lexington Furniture available through Cromwell and Beadles

Image: Lexington Furniture available through Cromwell and Beadles

Everyone loves that feeling of being in a luxury hotel, but that high-end, luxurious finish doesn’t happen by accident, and many of the aspects that create that feeling can be recreated at home.

To give your home the feeling of luxury, the first step is to improve your environment by bringing in some quality pieces. Changes can be small, like using your best dinnerware instead of the everyday set, or using a really nice hand towel for the bathroom. Opt for the best you can afford.

Update these items regularly and in the process, clear your home of the things you don’t and won’t use. De-cluttering is one of the most luxury-enhancing things you can do.

As to a look of luxury, polished timber, polished metals and plush fabrics all add to the overall effect. Embellishments like beads, bobbles and tassels also denote luxury, as do braids of quality.

Avoid casual living at any cost if you want the luxury hotel feel in your home. Canvas furniture, rough, raw wooden textures, and the rustic look will detract from an impression of luxury. Unfinished edges and exposed seams also take away from a look of sophistication.

In luxury hotels, details are what makes the difference. A lot of thought goes in to the fabrics on chairs, the artwork, and how the room is planned and thought of as a whole, rather than the sum of individual items. Although they are often styled in one hit rather than over time, a home should be a gradual development of a particular style, but having a plan from the outset is important.

As always, if you’d like to achieve this look at home and have any questions about how, visit the Beadles showroom.