15 Feb

How to create a romantic setting at home

In honour of Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share some thoughts on how to create a romantic setting at home.

You may consider romance as a factor for design in the bedroom, but why not capture elements of romance throughout the home?

Seeing though as the bedroom springs first to mind, let’s start there. A lot of women think they can’t have floral prints in the bedroom because their husbands won’t like it. This may be the case if the floral motif is overdone, but many florals can be quite subtle and will appeal to both partners. Think about the colours you’re using and opt perhaps for a range of patterns so the look isn’t too floral-heavy.

Florals however, don’t own romanticism. Romantic interiors can also be achieved through luxury styling. Think fabrics like silks, velvets, furs
(faux or real) and other tactile materials. Plump cushions and exotic trims also help to set the luxury look.

Whilst the colour red is associated with passion, it can be too intense for a bedroom. Similarly, any strong colour can be too invigorating for a restful space. Opt for a subtle colours in paint and wallpapers choices.

The more important consideration in the bedroom is to create an environment conducive to romance, and to rest. Get rid of the TV and mobile phones!

In every room of the home, fresh flowers or a good quality room scent can create a beautiful atmosphere, while the right lighting is also a very important consideration. Nothing is more off-putting than harsh overhead light when you’re trying to create an environment of calm and romance.

Buy warm bulbs when looking at the environmentally friendly options. These provide a more gentle light and are best for replicating natural light. Lamps are also great, as the light they throw is limited and can create lovely shadows and depth of light, or use candles when you can.

The dining room can be a very romantic place to spend time, not just a place to re-fuel. Much of this has to do with lighting also, and the way you dress your table, candles, cloth napkins, good cutlery and crockery (we all have it away for special occasions). But the most appealing idea about a dining area is that it is a designated space for the two of you (or more) to spend time, talk and connect. Whether this is a separate formal dining room, a casual space or a throw rug and a picnic outdoors, cherish those times.

In the living room, a feeling of romance can be created with soft furnishings and textural elements like a plush throw, but furniture placement is also hugely important. If your living room layout centres around the TV, that’s where the focus will be, whereas if the furniture is laid out to be conducive to conversation, that’s what will naturally happen.

Whilst all these are great tips, I think the most romantic way to style your house, is with treasured items (not just from your life partner, but from family and friends as well), to display photos that hold precious memories and to fill the space with the love that you have for one another.

Beadles interior designers are available for consultation on furniture placement, colour and design no matter what your focus at home.