27 Feb

How to achieve the casual chic look

Image: Uniqwa

There’s a trend toward more relaxed living spaces. Less formal, less ‘planned’ and less structured. Easier.

This doesn’t mean the look is one that’s thrown together. Not at all. The casual chic look is actually quite difficult to achieve properly.

Hallmarks of this style are Scandinavian furniture and a beach house look you just want to relax into. Timber and natural fibres feature heavily, and accessories are normally in ceramic and porcelain, natural materials – anything that denotes a connection to nature.

To achieve a casual chic look, search for organic materials as opposed to anything to sleek and synthetic. Timber, natural stone, ceramic, linen, hemp, rattan and wool can all work well, as can flat weave rugs. You also seek to incorporate natural colours like moss green, earthy browns, mocha, linen tones and some greys. Pastels work quite well also and tie in well with this neutral colour scheme.

Take note of the finishes you’re looking to achieve. Satin finishes like bees wax rubbed timber as opposed to high gloss are the way to go.

This look is achievable on a budget and fewer items are needed to make it look finished. The aim is less clutter but better quality items.

As always, if you’d love to achieve a new look for your home and don’t know where to start, visit the Beadles showroom.