7 Mar

Hollywood style


Image: Zimmer and Rohde

Hollywood glamour is a style we’re often asked about as it gives a luxurious feel to home interiors. The glamour of this style can be created with liberal use of metallic accents in furnishing and fabrics, luxury materials and coverings in silks and velvets.

It’s all about decorative details and embellishments, right down to decorative plasters on the ceiling and or walls. The effect should be sumptuous and luxurious, but be careful not to overdo it (think stylized simplicity!).  The tones should be quite neutral, but can include classics like charcoals, black and metallics. A highlight colour can be added within the right specifications to contemporize this style. If timber is featured it needs to be highly polished.

Hollywood glamour is such a distinct look that elements from the style can look out of place in a room unless the whole room is themed in that style. You can’t really do bits and pieces of this look. From the lighting fixtures down to the rug, you have to commit to the style, which can be impractical in some homes, so think about where you might incorporate it. Often one formal room is sufficient.

The master bedroom is a great room to decorate in Hollywood glamour as it isn’t stereotypically feminine. The use of trellis and greek key designs really fit well within this style while remaining masculine.

As always if you’d like to change your style and this look appeals, pop in to the Beadles showroom and we can show you how.