25 Sep

Fresh Change In The Air

Spring has well and truly arrived and with it comes the perfect opportunity to freshen up your home. With the warmer weather, it’s a time when many people turn their minds to entertaining and iconic events such as racing’s Spring Carnival. Both literally and metaphorically a “spring clean” is the perfect way to shake off winter and make your home new and exciting.

We suggest you start by dusting off the cobwebs and giving your windows a good clean. This allows the spring sunlight in and adds colour and freshness to the home.

Look at your summer entertaining areas and decide if they need an update. Re-upholstering can make a big difference in this department by giving tired furniture a new lease on life. This applies to both indoor and outdoor settings equally so think about investigate the amazing range of outdoor fabrics available.

Fresh flowers are a great way to freshen up your spaces and with Toowoomba’s iconic Carnival of Flowers in full swing, very timely. Fake flowers have become quite realistic in recent years. However, our preference has been and always will for fresh blooms. Not only do they look more beautiful but there are proven benefits to your environment for having fresh flowers and plants inside the home.

When arranging flowers simplicity wins on every occasion. Lillies always look fabulous and don’t require arranging, but anything en masse (roses, daisies) works well. Avoid trying to mix too many varieties unless you know how as it can be more difficult to pull off than you may realise.

Many people enjoy a well-earned break at this time of the year. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting an exciting new destination for your holidays, keep an eye for any interesting artwork. A few select pieces can provide fresh ideas and help bring that holiday feeling back home.

As always, we’re very happy to share our design advice. Visit the Beadles showroom this spring to find out more about how to freshen up your spaces.