28 Nov

Finding the right rug for your room

Rugs are a beautiful addition to any room. They can provide texture, colour, and function to soften a hard surface or act as a room divider in a multi-use space.

The right rug can lift the room entirely, but size is one of the most common mistakes made.

During a design consultation, we will advise our clients on what size of rug is right for the space and the look they wish to achieve.

Large spaces require large rugs, and overlapping the furniture on to the rug will help connect the pieces and create a better flow than having a small rug under a coffee table for example. Small rugs look out of place in big rooms

Beadles can also order custom rugs for our clients, which can incorporate any colour, size and style you desire. If you have a very large or awkwardly shaped room this can be hugely beneficial. We can also source fair trade and sustainably produced rugs.

Consider mirroring the shape of your room in the rug. A long, narrow room benefits from a long rug, while a square rug in a square space provides a base of symmetry to place your furniture. Your rug can mirror your furniture as well, such as a round rug underneath a round dining table.

The applications for rugs are limitless – you can literally have them in every room. Consider a thick pile rug under your bed, or a soft rug in a baby’s room for playtime.

If you would like any advice on incorporating rugs into your home, call Beadles or visit the showroom.