4 Nov

Featured artist: Emma Leyland

Image: A painting by artist Emma Leyland in the Beadles showroom 

At Beadles we encourage our clients to support Australian artists, particularly if they can spend the time to find someone who works out of their local or regional area. We have original artworks in our homes and believe it’s like many other things, if you buy the best you can afford you will have an enduring feature to admire for many years to come, possibly even to pass down to the next generation.

We like to support local artists and met one we have grown to have a great working relationship at a Toowoomba Grammar art show some time ago.

Emma Leyland is a young artist from Moree whose works range from still life and portraits to the stirring wildlife and outback shots like the one pictured.

Emma was born in the UK and took art classes from an early age but worked as an interior designer before settling on art as a full-time career after moving to Australia in 2011.

Emma says she enjoys variety in her work and the fact she’s able to make people happy through something she has created for them, just as we get pleasure out of creating beautiful interiors for our clients, some of which now feature Emma’s works.

When choosing art, consider your budget but be guided by what you like. It can be time-consuming to do the research on your own so we can do that for you, however some of our clients also like to do the research themselves, or check with us as to whether their potential purchase will work well for their scheme.

Whatever your selection process and preference, remember art is in the eye of the beholder and if you love it, that’s all that matters.