4 Apr

Coordinating prints and textures

Coordinating prints and textures throughout a room is one of the most common areas of advice we offer to our clients.

The mixed and matched effect of contrasting prints and textures from your floors to your walls and everything in between can look very impactful, but can equally be a bit messy if not done well. The key to this look is a common thread among the elements, which can then be highlighted with contrast accents.

Building up a room this way may need to be a process you do slowly if you’re not confident, and complete one layer before you move on to the next.

Stripes, florals and checks are relatively easy to work with because you add the layers on in pattern. Stripes and florals are very much the English and American country home look. Stripes can even have a couple of colours that relate to a scheme.

If you want to add texture and pattern, you might choose a floral and pick out the main colours in plain fabrics such as velvet, linen, or a satin. It’s important then to stay with the colour scheme.

Whereas, if you’re working with a classic neutral scheme, you have a bit more freedom and can bring in something like a beautiful hand-worked cushion and it still works. It becomes more of an art piece in that case.

Pattern upon pattern is not for the faint of heart. But don’t be afraid to experiment and always take swatches with you when you go shopping.