31 Aug

Consider curtains

Image courtesy of Harlequin Fabrics.

If you haven’t given thought to incorporating curtains in your home, it might be time to reconsider.

There’s certainly a return to curtaining and it has a lot to do with a shift away from the clinically modern spaces and a move towards the overall softening of hard surfaces.

From an insulation point of view, curtaining is the best solution for a window covering – the linings we use deflect heat and protect the fabrics from the damaging UV rays in summer and keep the warmth in during winter.

Curtaining has become somewhat simpler and a lot less fussy, in both design and fullness. Rods and tracking have moved with the times and are more up to date, stylish and streamlined.

Pattern is back into curtains, particularly in the form of contemporary large pattern florals and geometrics. Although another huge area in curtaining at the present is the use of sheers, which come in many various forms. These looks aren’t for everyone though. If you’re fortunate enough to have fabulous artwork and a wonderful collection of furniture and objet d árt gathered over the years, your curtains shouldn’t overpower these pieces. In that situation we’d be inclined to recommend a plainer fabric such as a linen, but with perhaps some exquisite detailing in either trims or the heading used.

Curtains are quite low maintenance. Many people think they need to launder their curtains each year but they shouldn’t get dirty as such, maybe a bit dusty. Take your curtains down, give them a good shake, and air them out rather than washing them – you’ll get more life out of the fabric this way. We have many clients that still have their curtains that Cliff designed and installed over 30 years ago. The comment often being “they’re as good as the day you installed them”. Sadly it’s not so good for repeat business!

My advice on choosing the right curtains for you is to work closely with a reputable designer/decorator and seek good advice. You need to know what fabric suits the situation and how it’s going to perform.

We only use professional Australian owned and operated workrooms to manufacture our quality curtains and blinds. I liken our curtains and blinds to being couture for the window. Some curtaining is hand finished and the detailing is really quite special.

Let us know how we can inspire you to try curtains in your home.