13 Sep

Cliff notes – top design tips from Cliff Beadle

Image: Re-upholstery makes a big difference – a Dexter rocker is given an update with a modern fabric

This year Beadles celebrates 35 years in business This is a milestone we can’t quite believe is here already, but looking back, has seen us enjoy so many creative moments, which we still have just as much passion for today.

Over the years we’ve collected a fairly extensive mental library of design secrets, some of which we like to think of as our top tips for any interior project. Here’s a selection of our top three:

  • Use fresh flowers throughout the home

Although fake flowers have come a long way in recent years in terms of their realism, our preference is always for fresh. Not only do they look more beautiful but there are proven benefits to your environment for having fresh flowers and plants inside the home.

If you don’t have experience arranging flowers, simplicity wins every time. Lillies always look fabulous and don’t require arranging, but anything en masse (roses, daisies) works well, don’t try to mix too many varieties unless you know how.

  • Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you develop a confidence about what you’re doing, you can mix styles together quite successfully.

Eclecticism is the art of layering. If you collect loved items throughout the years, an expert eye can help you rearrange them in new ways and tie your existing pieces in with more modern items. Just moving things around can really change the look of a room entirely, then you can look to add new cushions, a new coffee table or some artwork.

  • Re-upholstering makes a big difference

Often people have wonderful pieces of furniture in their family but the pieces look dull and lifeless. Rather than accepting the old aesthetic, consider using a more modern fabric on traditional furniture pieces when getting them re-upholstered. We have a Dexter rocking chair in the Beadles showroom we’ve upholstered with a beautiful velvet feature fabric, breathing new life into this classic piece.

We’re always happy to share our design tips. Visit the Beadles showroom to find out more about how you can make the most of your spaces.