13 Dec

Christmas decorations

Image: Our Beadles Christmas star, hand made by a local artisan and purchased from Toowoomba’s Bush Christmas

We love being creative at Christmas, particularly incorporating Australian themes into our theme and decorations.

When decorating your entertainment area, Christmas table and throughout the home, think creatively as to how you can inject some of your surrounding environment into your festive celebrations at low cost.

Branches from your trees or found dead branches make a great Christmas tree, particularly when spray painted white. Some handmade decorations complete a rustic look. Tortured willow in a pot can be made into a very simple Christmas tree to hang decorations on also.

Pine cones also make wonderful decorations, coloured with silver or gold and with a Christmas ribbon attached.

There are lots of websites that offer inspiration for handmade ornaments, a great activity to do with the kids.

On the table, always have a centrepiece. In Beadles Christmases past Gwen Beadle has made chocolate trees by pinning wrapped chocolates to a foam form with tooth picks, and created individual place setting decorations along with handmade bonbons.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with family and loved ones.