5 Dec

Children’s interior design trends

Children’s rooms are a chance for us to create something magical, often with a lot more colour than the rest of the home, and with our kids’ interests and personalities in mind.

Creating a child’s room that can function for longer than a short couple of years is the design challenge, and ensuring they don’t grow out of the space too quickly is key.

“People are also spending more on children’s rooms so to create a space that can grow is very important. Stay clear of character themes or anything too baby-like and keep a palette you think you can adapt furniture and decorator items to as your child grows up,” says Cliff Beadle.

There is an increasing trend for parents to employ interior design services to create their children’s bedrooms. Mixing fun and functionality is key for style-savvy mums whose focus is also turning increasingly to following adult’s interior design trends, from allergy-free and non-toxic furniture and textiles, to fashion trends such as a monochromatic colour scheme.

“Really you don’t want to make the room specifically for a baby or child,” says Cliff Beadle. “Think of whether the long term fixtures like wallpaper and even window coverings are still going to suit your child in 5-10 years time. Maybe choose a stripe with fun colours that can still compliment different furnishings, as your child grows. Also use colour with imagination and fun. Mix colours that you may not have thought of before and use texture. Children are very tactile.”

Sarah and David Beadle have decorated their 3 year old son’s room with large colourful floor cushions for reading, a custom quilt cover with a robot design on one side and a plain navy on the reverse (for when he outgrows robots) and a multi-coloured dot wallpaper on the cupboard doors. Mirrored birds in flight adorn the walls as well as artwork and family photos. “He may even change rooms as he gets older, so we don’t want to go overboard with items that cannot be moved.  A simple small portable tent has been a mainstay in his room for a while too. At the end of the day, even at 3, it’s his room, and we need to include him and what he wants in his space.”

Beadles stocks a great range of fabrics suitable for children’s rooms and can of course offer design consultations to suit your space and your children’s personality.