10 Jul

Beadles top three interior design services

Over a more than 35-year history in Toowoomba, the Beadles interior design business has evolved, our services have expanded and our experience has seen us create all kinds of beautiful, practical, inspirational living spaces.

Although we can provide a great variety of assistance to make your home and workplace look and function better, there are some services which keep us most busy. Here are the top three:

Custom design and manufacture

The possibilities in custom made pieces are as broad as our imagination. We have access to a vast number of fabrics which can be tailored into curtains, blinds, upholstery, rugs, cushions and throws. We can source wallpaper, lamps, furniture – the list goes on, and the more you create that’s is individual to you, the more unique your home will look and feel.

Products we’re particularly proud of include a range of ethically produced wool floor rugs which can be custom designed and created in Nepal, with a percentage of the profits going directly back to benefit the local community.

Custom design really does allow for your home to have its own signature. Chair upholstery and curtaining/window coverings are our most sought after items in this area, but lamp shades and even custom bases are perfect ways to add uniqueness to your interiors.

Always remember, a home should be a personal reflection of who lives there.

Commercial specification

An office or showroom is just as important as your logo and brand – it needs to attract the clients you want to attract. Whether it’s assisting with an office fit-out, product selection or an update to your existing interior, Beadles are experienced in setting your commercial space apart from the competition.

In the past, Beadles has worked with clients including medical surgeries, schools, funeral homes, dental rooms, specialist medical centres, a human resources firm, financial planners and boutique stores. The considerations are different for commercial space as opposed to residential, and it takes an experienced interior designer to do both well.

Beadles is well versed in the aspects of commercial design from traffic flow to workplace health and safety, and our skills are easily adapted to ensure your workplace is inviting for employees and clients alike.

Colour consultation

Colour can make all the difference in your home and whether it’s internal or external colour you need advice on, Beadles can help select paint, advise on what will work with your existing furniture and art, and if required, help you source the pieces you need to make an update.

We take into consideration the colours you like, your furniture, joinery, floor coverings and surrounds, working in with what’s existing and what you’d like to change. Our design consultants can advise you on the colours that will best compliment your interiors, and if you’re looking for further advice on furniture placement and general information, a complete design consultation is the perfect service for you.

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