25 Jun

Beadles Design at St Mary’s College, Toowoomba

Beadles has been fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with St Mary’s College in Toowoomba, transforming spaces into inspirational areas for its students and faculty.

We began working with the school with the design of the offices and old brothers’ residences around three years ago. The school staff appreciated the design focus of Cliff Beadle, which led to further work being undertaken around the school to upgrade its overall aesthetic.

The building the offices now occupy was formerly used as the brothers’ residences, but remained vacant some time before being redesigned by Beadles. It’s a beautiful building, built in the 1890s.

Throughout the offices we installed a custom carpet with the school’s logo, which was made in Germany. The offices are classic in design but relate to the history of the school and add its mark of prestige.

From there, Beadles worked to revitalise the teachers’ lounge, giving them an interesting space to get together and spend time, rather than sitting at their desk for lunch and breaks. The lounge has led to a more social atmosphere among staff and is full of colour.

Beadles has also worked to upgrade the science labs and IT labs with a new, cutting edge look, as well as the Japanese room which has featured on our Facebook page. The Japanese room features a custom blind featuring an oriental print, and screens with black slats and sheer white panels to imitate the traditional shoji in Japan.

The restaurant, cafeteria and brand new hospitality students’ kitchen facilities have also been designed by Beadles. The spaces here have an industrial feel with a youthful atmosphere and promote the skills of the students.

“It’s exciting for the school and the students that they’re investing in making learning fun and inspirational,” says Cliff.

“It’s giving the students pride and providing a top-notch competitive offering.”

We are in the process of having professional photos taken of all of the areas of our involvement with the school, so stay tuned to our website for the complete package.