10 Jul

Adding warmth to your home

Image: A beautiful throw in the Beadles showroom

Winter has arrived and with it, the need for the home to feel, and look, warmer.

Aside from the obvious methods of keeping warm (wood smoke is a giveaway this time of year of the cosiest homes’ fireplaces in use), there are ways you can give your living areas a feeling of warmth which will create a snug setting for you and your family.

Colour can be hugely impactful in terms of the feeling of warmth in a room. Combined with texture, additions such as plush, dark-coloured cushions can be added to great effect. Whilst metals are often thought of as cold, brass or copper metals by their warmer tones do actually invoke a sense of warmth.

However, one of our favourite things in winter is to invest in a quality throw rug. With a world of options at your fingertips, it’s important to know what you’re paying for.

Throws made from natural fibres such as wool have antibacterial properties and are low allergen which will reduce the likelihood of harbouring dust mites if you have anyone in your household who is asthmatic. Wool is also a natural, sustainable material and is a lot warmer than synthetic fibres.

The options in natural fibre rugs available from Beadles include mohair, kid mohair, alpaca and wool. These are the superheros of the natural fibre family, with powers of exceptional quality, sustainability and comfort. They are:

* Lightweight and breathable

* Non-felting and soil-resistant

* Insulating and fire-resistant

* Eco-friendly

* Hypo-allergenic and Lanolin-free

* Naturally soft and silky

* Anti-bacterial

Mohair is the warmest of the fibres, while being durable, non-felting and soil-resistant. Kid mohair is even more luxurious, as well as being warm and cuddly. Alpaca is water-repellant and free of lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and soft to the touch, while wool is versatile, lightweight, and works in hot and cold climates.

Not only are these natural fibre throw rugs good for snuggling on the sofa, but they are also great for sleeping under. Consider using them on your bed or upgrading to a natural fibre blanket to make sure everyone is snug during these cold winter nights.