28 Feb

A return to quality

At Beadles, our clients will often ask what they should be spending the largest portion of their interiors budget on. Our answer is normally a dining setting.

A good setting is worth spending the money on because it’s a piece that gets used quite often, both for formal and casual dining. Choose a table that has some longevity about it – whether it’s made from solid timber or a veneer. A quality made table can have a long life, even becoming the antique of the future that will be handed down through generations. That’s not to say it has to necessarily be a classic style – it can be modern and still have longevity.

The difference with purchasing a solid timber table is the piece can be refurbished down the track, where as this is more difficult with a veneer.

Quality chairs and couches are the next most worthy items of investment in the vast majority of homes.

Manufacturing quality is key when you’re spending more on furniture. Train your eye toward good joinery and the appearance of a solid frame. Like with anything, buy the best quality you can afford and you will have it for years, and perhaps generations, to come.